Food Truck


The Saucy Shrimp is on wheels! The Saucy Shrimp food truck is the perfect addition to your next party, wedding, birthday and more! Offering some of your favorite dishes and a special food truck-only dish, Shrimp Tacos!


How do I schedule the food truck for my next event?
Fill out the form below to book your next event, or call the restaurant at 912-871-5888 and ask for a manager to assist you further.

How much notice is required to reserve the food truck?
The Saucy Shrimp requires at least a one week notice to have the truck at your next event.

How much does it cost to have the food truck at my next event?
The food truck has a food minimum of $1000. Should the food truck sales at your event fall under that amount, the event organizer is responsible for paying the difference.

How do I order food from the truck?
The Saucy Shrimp food truck provides a kiosk for each guest to order from. Card payments only!

What type of food is served?
Our standard menu includes Fried Shrimp Baskets, Chicken Tender Baskets, Kapow Shrimp, Fries, and Deep Fried Oreos!

How much does the food cost?
Pricing begins at $4 and goes up to $15. The food may be paid for by the guest, or collectively by the organizer of the event.


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